Small Business Web Review – finding your business online

A simple guide to small business website review… Step 1 – finding your business online

To ensure you can improve and grow your online presence you need to be aware of your position online through monitoring your business rankings, website and media content statistics and external online content.

What content does your business already manage online, your website, blog, facebook page, forums, directories, platforms, pay per click advertising and so on .. what rankings do you have on the search engines for relevant key phrases.. when entering your business names what other sites contain your business information..

Presentation of content is vital, a great ranking is no good if it doesn’t attract click throughs.  What information is presented to the user, both on search engines and external websites, is this information relevant, attractive and up to date?


Use other unique information such as your post code or telephone numbers to find references to your business online.

Your statistics for your site will tell you the sites that have referred to you, and for search engines the key phrases your website was found for.

Tools are available to monitor your rankings and listings online, such as google webmaster tools for identifying rankings, using the prefix site: or link: when searching a domain name on the google search engine.

A sufficient level of information for a small business website can be found through using search facilities, free online tools and monitoring software.

Free technical website reviews are available online


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