Positive Drivers in Life & Business

3 keys to ‘your power’

Your key to Love

See and recognise things you love, places, people, colours, qualities, services, sports, music, animals, flowers, trees, material things like your clothes, furniture, your home and car, magazines you love to read or appliances that give you a comfortable life!

Recognise the things you love to do, driving to work listening to music in this wonderful scenic county in which we live, walking the dog, gardening, the little things in life that make you smile

What are you proud of?
What do you aspire to?
What do you value?
What are your beliefs?

Draw a shield and draw these things in its four elements (Sue Chapmans Shield of Power) use this shield to protect you from negativity

Write a list of the elements of your personal and business life that you love

Mulitply that feeling of love when you recognise it to re-inforce that feeling

Love is a shield – if you love something you are less likely to see the negative aspects as they are perceived as unimportant and therefore unseen

Give love to receive, be positive towards people and they will respond with positivity

Be aware of the signs of love, sunlight, rainbows, stars, flowers, find your own symbols that make you feel love

Imagine the business you love, feel good about your business, create games and play within your imagination – love your business and see its full potential

Your Gratitude Key

Giving love and thanks, feeling grateful for positive outcomes, thanks for your home, family,

friends, the payslip through the door, food on the table, air you breathe, blue skies, sunshine, companies that make life easier, your health, a good nights sleep, what are you grateful for?

Send positive thoughts, react positively to negative situations.  A delay could mean you catch an important parcel, if you have a cancellation it’s an opportunity to catch up or look for new business.

If your competition copy you then see it as a sure sign you are getting things right and take it as a complement, then step up a notch!  Thank them for ‘following you’ and feel like a leader who is a step ahead!

Be thankful for what your bills pay for and the comforts and assets it has provided to you

When paying for something realise that your purchase goes towards more than yourself and what you have bought, you have help support staff salaries, innovation and abundance in the world

Your Key to Play

Play games with your imagination, use the laws of attraction to imagine feelings, imagine you are everything you want to be.  Imagine you have something when you see it, identify that you love it and what it would be like to have/be it.  Perception is powerful, be like a child and imagine your way to happiness

If a person makes you feel bad be aware that you have reacted negatively and take a moment to understand why that person acted as they did and identify things you love about that person before you react

What difference do the little things make? those little things that frustrate you, they are simply a minor distraction

Feelings make something good or bad, it is how you perceive something

Pay your bills when you are feeling good.   Give yourself some breathing space so that you can find your inner power and utilise it.  I made the point of sitting down in the sunshine last weekend and shelving all priorities, for a few weeks I had wanted to go through my Directors Cert. lecture notes but couldnt find my inner ‘learning zone’ to get to grips with it all.  Within an hour of sitting down, I had found the desire to pick up and read through the notes, more importantly I found room in my mind to absorb and focus on the detailed topic

Make sales calls or do some marketing while you feel good, pay forward your happy feeling, use your positivity to feed your business.  Share your love for your business by marketing it to your customers, do you give to charity, what ethics and culture does your business love, share this love and show your credibility and committment to your enterprise

How would you behave if you had all the money you needed, would you walk, talk, hold yourself differently, have a different perception of bills, people, circumstances or events.  How would you feel, relaxed, peaceful, happy?

The power of attraction – what is the frequency of YOU, we are all unique, attracted to different things, what makes you happy, attracts you, what do you love and what are you grateful for?  Imagine all these things, recognise them when you see them and imagine and play with these things.  Make the situation positively work for you, draw these things positively towards you to achieve all that you desire!

Apply this to your enterprise, what is its frequency, its culture, what makes it tick?   What is lovable about it, what are your customers thankful for in terms of the product you sell or service your provide?  Remember this when times are so intense, see the positivity of what you are doing, imagine how thankful your customer will be if you get their parcel to them quickly to give you the enthusiasm to fulfill any difficult tasks in hand.

Take a pile of magazines, some scissors and glue!  Cut out all the things that make you think of your future and successful enterprise, stick them on a big piece of card and put them on your office wall to remind you of your goals and that they are real and possible (empowering smart women business collage exercise)

Use self awareness tools to establish your personal preferences and drivers, and become aware of your polar negatives.  The Colorworks (Helena through Truro College) is a great simple way to see people in 4 colours, a simple framework to remember when dealing with different people.  Transactional analysis tools, Myers-Briggs, OPQ there are many different ways to analyse your inner and outer self and how you perceive the outer world, and improve your understanding of how the world perceives you


My notes and thoughts attending the ‘self awareness’ element of the Empowering Smart Womens programme in Cornwall, and reading ‘the power’ by Phonda Byrne.  The programme is being run by Truro College and funded through Convergence

Thanks to:

Book Available on Amazon – The Power by Rhonda Byrne

Sue Chapman – tutor for Self Effectiveness 2 day Empowering Smart Women course

Heather Forster – co-ordinator of the Cornwall Empowering Smart Womens Programme

Helena – tutor for Colorworks 1 day Personal Success Course with Truro College

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