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Speaking at : Agile Cymru – Agile Improvement – Beyond Software – Spring boarding business growth and development using agile

Agile-Wales-Logo-215I am delighted to confirm that i will be speaking at Agile Cymru on July 8, 2015

Agile Improvement – Beyond Software – Spring boarding business growth and development using agile – Belinda Waldock

In this session Belinda will share her experiences of introducing agile to businesses beyond the software sector and what ‘Being agile in Business’ really means.

Through the programme Agile Innovation, Belinda has introduced agile to over 60 high growth SME businesses in Cornwall to help them manage and leverage their growing enterprises.

From PR agencies to fashion designers, geologists to toy designers, find out how agile and lean methods have been adopted by an array of businesses and the problems it has helped to solve.

Speaking at : Thrive Bath Conference March 30th 2015 – Efficient Operations using Agile


I am delighted to confirm I will be speaking at the inaugural Thrive Bath Conference on 30th March 2015 at the University of Bath.

Efficient Operations using Agile – Belinda Waldock

Belinda will provide an introduction to the Agile methodology and explore how the method aligns with the core values of collaboration and well-being in voluntary and cultural organisations.

Belinda will share key concepts behind agile thinking and simple practical approaches to discover smarter, leaner and faster ways to develop efficient operations in your business.

Agile is a globally recognised term for a set of methods and practices which have emerged from the software sector to enable teams to work effectively when operating environments of extreme change and constant innovation. Agile draws upon other management methods such as Lean, Kanban, and Coaching, it promotes continuous improvement, empowered learning, solution focused thinking, collaborative working, and rapid response to change.