Agile Coaching for Business Professionals

Agile Coaching and Training for business professionals is a philosophy, methodology and suite of tools, easy to implement for effective management of change, teams, time and planning the unknown. Simple and easy to follow, a quick win for any busy business owner, director or manager.

Agile for Business can help you solve a number of problems you may be facing in your business such as

Lack of Visibility
Hidden Blocks, Drains and Bottlenecks
Poor Time Management
Loss of Control
Stalled by uncertainty
Running late and over budget
Lack of time and resources
Poor communication within the business
Struggling to get things done
Problem too big, don’t know where to start
Breakdown between teams and layers of business
A need to change to respond to changing external environment
A need to change to respond to internal changes
A need to redraw milestones in standard project management tools

Through coaching, mentoring, training and good old consultancy, we equip business professionals with a philosophy, strategy and suite of tools that will empower them and their teams to perform and thrive during change.

Enabling business owners, directors and managers to put their finger back on the pulse of their business

A visual management solution that helps to simplify communication and visibility throughout your business ensuring the best use of time and resources.
Identify strengths and opportunities, and identify blocks, barriers and limitations to growth.

A simple toolbox to turn ideas into reality through a test driven approach that embraces learning and collaboration
Tactics, tools, templates, materials and exercises to uncover the opportunities to make your business thrive.

Visual Management – ‘no place to hide’
Help manage change
Empower yourself and your team
Perform and thrive during change
Turn ideas into reality
Test your business ideas
Manage time and resources
Simplify communications and visibility through-out your business
Streamline your business / Simplify your business
Identify blocks, barriers and limitations to growth



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