Ladies that Tweet

What an amazing event oozing an atmosphere and energy that consumed the room with positivity and creativity. From Daisy’s insight into how to think about the practical elements of your social media strategy and engaging your internal stakeholders to Molly’s passionate insights into how social media is about conversation, feeling and engagement not just content and consumption.

And it all begins with finding out .. Who are you? If you are going to engage on social media, like stepping onto a stage you need to know who your character is, we all have different personas for different aspects of our life, are you talking as an individual, a lifestyle, an employee, are you the voice of your organisation and your brand? What are your values, your beliefs, your ethics, what façade do you want to display today? Daisy spoke about ‘tone of voice’ and where you position yourself amongst the topics of discussion you may find yourself in. What you want to say and how are you going to say it, how might that be heard by others, where does your passion lie, after all passion is what makes for the most engaging conversations.

An ironic conversation with Molly after her presentation led us to discuss why people engage and what makes people remember other people, my reply was simply that at networking events its always the people you find yourself talking to about your passions that resonate with us, be it work, your pets, your family, locations, that’s the people I will most easily recall.

We found ourselves then deep in conversation about our shared passion of horses, and of course we find ourselves chatting for half an hour about our horses versus the 10 minutes on social media. It’s true, I will remember Molly and her inspirational talk, very much so, but I will probably remember the detail of her faithful friend Bertie and the feelings we so clearly shared for far longer, this stirred a deeper feeling and connection in me that no conversation on social media platform I fear ever will!

Before I find myself consumed by my passion for horses I will share a couple of the many insights that echoed in my mind during and following the event…

“Think and create rather than react and consume”.. its is only when we truly start to step back from the noise and listen to ourselves, allow ourselves to process all the data we have consumed, reformatting it into our own pattern that we move from feeling creative to actually creating something of our own.  Empowering us to contribute something new and exciting to our lives and that of those listening to us.

Social media is about conversation and content – if content is king, then conversation is queen.  A connection is a feeling as well as a logical physical being, you don’t have to agree with someone to have great rapport with them, I may think (in my own opinion) their content is utter rubbish but I love their passion and therefore I am more than willing to listen and challenge my opinions and discuss this with them .. not that, I might add there was and such conversation that evening, in fact it was one of the most agreeable evenings I can recall!

The key is that the conversation is authentic and if I believe in the person, if not the content then I will still share this engagement. How many times do you find yourself ranting about something that sparks your feelings into a reaction vs talking about something positive and agreeable? You don’t have to agree to engage, in fact you don’t have to have an opinion at all, you could be the facilitator and build a reputation on this, take Daisy’s example of @bbcqt a highly successful twitter profile that has no opinion at all.

Molly tells us to be disruptive, challenge the status quo, create something that your audience can talk about, video or photograph that they can pick up and share in their own way. Let your audience decide how to communicate it, give them the statement and let them make their own assumptions, decisions and do with it as they please, forget the platform, think about the message.

Afterall, it’s not the number of followers you have its how many are listening and engaging with you and sharing with their ‘crowd’..  And what a crowd it was 90 gorgeous ladies, chatting across a broad spectrum of topics, consuming jelly tots by the bowl and warming ourselves with stew and relaxing over cocktails.

Finally, may I add how refreshing and inspirational it was to see a panel of young, professional talented women on the stage and in the room, we need more of this not just in Cornwall but accross the world.  The intuition that women provide to the business arena holds so much value, yes logic has its place but female intuition, now that’s worth listening to!

Thanks to all the lovely ladies for an exclusive evening at Eden, I look forward to seeing you all in the ‘real world’ again soon and being part of the conversations this event sparks online.

@clemihardie @mollyflatt @ShelleyFletcher @jojo_wood @daisygriffith


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