Next Generation Broadband – Digital Cornwall

NGA Cornwall, Cornwall Digital Meetup Group, 5 mintute ignite presentation, delivered December 7th 2010

132 million, massive rollout of fibre , additional supporting connectivity, europes largest investment in broadband

49 % fttp – 100mb max, half of premises in cornwall

37% fttc – 40mb like moving closer to the exchange – in lab 100mb / potential for upto 60mb!  75% of country FTTC

14% infill – satellite/wifi etc for not spots – avanti , look for innovations – wifi mesh, adsl2+ 3% small element 24/1mb

NGA Cornwall project aims and vision

Main project , starts in March 2011 in south east with further areas following every 6 months

Pilot 2011 – understanding the fibre footprint, good as in areas which suffer from slow bb, identify future infill needed

Increased .. benefits of upgrade, bringing to cornwall sooner than otherwise possible

Improve productivity – speed limits – less waiting/fragmentation of tasks

Flex – remote working, snow, crm acess slow, reduce travel, reain staff, reduce costs

Cloud – use and develop, crunch accounts, mail-away,
information>knowledge transfer, collaboration, socially, convergence, save costs/upgrade/hardware/accessibility

Transforming – ecommerce, video streaming, flexible working, supply chain management, automation, engagement

Growth market, opportunities, support county with ICT , competitive edve – Web, games, graphics, apps, media, ecommerce, crm, file sharing, backup…

Outsource to cornwall – grow profile / reach


Belinda Waldock
ICT Advisor

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