How can mentoring help your small business grow?

March 26, 2013

Jess Ratty is the director at the Cornwall Camper Company, a VW camper hire company

We used a mentor because something was missing: When the idea was born for The Cornwall Camper Company we sat down and worked out exactly how everything would work, how wonderful it would be and how much money we could potentially make. When we started we felt something was missing – maybe we didn’t have all the answers after all. I think it is very easy to assume that just because a business is your idea, that you’re the person with all the answers as to how it should be run, but that’s not exactly true. That’s when we found the fantastic Belinda Waldock, who has hauled us over the coals in every which way making sure that our dream is actually capable of becoming a reality. Having a mentor means that we have access to the questions we are not asking ourselves and also, big obvious arrows for the direction we should be thinking of taking.

They should give realistic advice: I think, as a mentor, being cautious and judging the people you are working with obviously goes a long way, but as a business that is being mentored I’d want you to waste no time in giving me realistic advice. I don’t have time to be mollycoddled.



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