Blogging – where to host your business blog

A question commonly asked: Should I host my blog on or off my website?  Please do comment with your thoughts so we might discuss this topic further!  Here are my initial thoughts on the considerations for where a blog should be hosted.. there are many more I am sure.. utimately it depends on each individual blog, what do you feel are the key decision breakers?

The majority of web advisers will suggest that your blog should be resident on your website, this enables your visitors to see further information and for you to promote your credibility to them.

Blogging on your site provides the search engines with relevant content and so can enhance your search engine rankings if you embed key words and phrases appropriately, links to your blog will also increase the potential ranking of your webpage on the engines, be aware that extra pages and content can also have a dilluting effect on your website in terms of optimisaton.

However I believe there are a few reasons you might consider a separate blog or a blogging platform..

Do you want to have your blog immediately available to a particular new market you are targeting?  Blogging on a platform such as wordpress can get you listed on google in minutes, provides a free diy solution, a friendy collaborative network and new market opportunities.

You can still create links between your blog and site, despite the loss of optimisation under your specific domain.  In practice there is nothing stopping you (other than time perhaps) to having a number of blogs on diverse topics, on or off your website.. as long as it’s not duplicating content exactly, as duplication can dilute rankings.

Are you are trialling blogging for your business?  If you are trying out blogging then this may be perceived as a half hearted attempt by your website visitors.  My advice would be to have a strategy for your blog and to create content and articles in advance so that you have a number of blogs to post and build upon when you start to publish.  If you dont have time to write your own blog, look at how you can comment on other blogs and engage with your marketplace.

Are you are writing about something that is not related to your business?  If you are going to write about your hobby, family, dog or a special interest that you have that has no relevance to your business then keep it separate

It may be a good idea to blog externally about something other than your business so that you can listen, follow and experiment with blogging techniques without risk to your business

Are you writing something that is contraversial or doesnt complement your companies culture and ethos.  Your blog should appeal to your website visitors, or to a specific market sector that your business is looking to reach.  If it doesnt then think about hosting it separately, this could be on a blogging platform or an alternative domain name.  There is nothing to stop you linking from your website and vice versa, as long as its relevant and complimentary

Contraversial ideas or information that you can personally write about but your company cannot (perhaps due to trading standards) should be kept on a entirely separate blog to your business and your individual involvement in the business.  Dont get your business into trouble by writing about something on your blog that you didn’t ought to be saying!

What are your thoughts on blogging on a business website, let me know by commenting below


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2 thoughts on “Blogging – where to host your business blog

  1. Interesting posts especially the idea of diluting optimisation of keyphrases on a website with blog content, it highlights the need to ensure on site blogs are properly optimised and relevant to the target market

    Gives good case for blogging under a domain or sub domain, other than my current favorite thought which is ‘having a set of decent statistics’!!

    In an ideal world I think blogs hosted on site would add value to a businesses presence online. However with budgets, time, technology, marketing and skills often limited within a small business, it’s not always a feasible option and alternatives have their place :-)


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