What makes an effective website?

6 key objectives to ensure your website works effectively for your business..

Easy to find & attracts visitors

Is your business easy to find on the internet and is it presented in a way that attracts relevant visitors to your website?  In order to get visitors to your site you have to make yourself visible to your target market and equally, you have to present yourself to be attractive to your target market.

Your website is only part of your businesses virtual presence; search engines, platforms, portals, social media all enable a business to engage with customers online.

Meets customer requirements

Is it clear who you are and what you do? Does your site enable a customer to find what they are looking for easily?  Do you fulfil your customers needs?  Is a visit to your website an intuitive easy journey?  Does it convince them to engage with your business?

Gives credibility to your business

Does the quality of your website reflect the quality of your business? First impressions count and how to present yourself is dependant on knowing your products and markets, every business is different.  What makes you different?  How do you add value, and what evidence can you provide to prove it?   Does your website reflect the culture of your business and your customers?

Converts prospects to leads & customers

You have a usable and engaging website, what do you do to seal the deal?  Tell visitors how you add value, give them confidence in your product and service, use promotions to close the sale, look for opportunities to engage – call your visitors to action!  Support your site through complementary marketing activities such as email marketing campaigns, social media or traditional sales & marketing activities

Provides return on investment

Is your website meeting its objectives, does it support the current business and enhance market opportunities?  Has it contributed to tangible and intangible improvements for the business.  What is success – sales, enquiries, engagements, brand awareness, customer loyalty, access to new markets?  Can you monitor and manage your website activity to protect your assets and continuously enhance return on investment

Works efficiently with the business

Does the site integrate with your marketing mix and your sales processes?  Is it flexible to respond to internal and external forces that impact your business?    Does it adequately support the needs of your business and is it scalable to support future strategies for growth?

Belinda Waldock, Cornwall UK – Business Advisor – Internet Business

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