Agile on the Beach 2014 for the Business Professional

2014-04-24 10.25.54The conference is 3 weeks away, we have sold out and it is set to be a great event!

Full details of the sessions and biographies of the speakers are available on the website.

Following last years request I have listed below the sessions in Business, Teams and Product Design below, of which those in Bold are the sessions that I feel are most relevant and applicable for any business interested in becoming a more agile organisation or individual.

While the sessions are often in a software context there are many elements that are relevant to any business and transferable for adoption in a wide array of situations in all of the below sessions.


• Business Keynote : Bjarte Bogsnes : Beyond Budgeting – an agile management model for new business and people realities
• J. B. (Joe) Rainsberger, Canadian software development consultant and technology writer will be joining us at Agile on the Beach 2014 to deliver our Software Craftmanship Keynote


• Adventures with Agile and Lean – Rachel Picken (MPAD)
• Agile – beyond software? – Allan Kelly
• Agile Innovation – Belinda Waldock
• Doing Even Better Next Time: a retrospective on implementing Scrum in a non-engineering team – Frances Bonnington
• TFDD For Business Strategy: Developing Agile Business Strategies using Test-First – Tom Sedge
• Contracted to deliver outcomes not features – Kris Lander
• Stop Throwing Money Out the Window – Flavius Stef
How Agile helped RDT rediscover its Innovation Mojo – Bazil Arden
Sander Hoogendoorn (Capgemini)    Agile anti-patterns! Yes your agile project can and will fail too
• Putting the BA into BAcklog : Agile in the business context – Lynda Girvan



• Open communication wins! – Judith Andresen
• Awesome People Management with Agile – Meri Williams
• Agile HR and Agile leadership in a nutshell – Pia-Maria Thoren
• Pairing isn’t just for developers – Georgiana Mannion & Kev McCabe
• #NoLearning – Marcin Floryan (
• Design Collaboration – Darci Dutcher
• Hiring well – how to grow and maintain effective agile teams – Lyndsay Prewer
• How big is it? A guide to agile estimation practices – Mike Pearce
• The String Game – Sean Moir
• Introduction to Visual Management – Egor Sviridenko
• Agile on the Beach invites you to: Design a Degree
• There Is No Agile – Nick McKenna
• An Agile Journey – Making The Elephant Dance – Jon Tilt (IBM)

Product Design (day 1 only)

• Lean Product Management – Melissa Perri (ProdUX Labs – New York)
• Fundamentals of Lean UX (User eXperience) – Adrian Howard
• Beyond Pretty : Creating Better Products with Measurable Design – Melissa Perri
• Integrating smoothly the UX designer in your team – Sophie Freiermuth

Key sharing channels for the conference are via twitter and on the website


What do you think?

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