Agile on the Beach Session : Agile Innovation : Embedding Agile in a diverse mix of Cornish High Growth Businesses

2014-04-24 10.25.54This year I have had the pleasure of speaking at Agile on the Beach 2014, this year as a follow on to last years launch of the Agile Innovation project I have shared some of the results of introducing Agile to high growth businesses, teams and entrepreneurial start ups.

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Agile Innovation – Business Agility Model

The session talks through the development of a business based Agile model to introduce agile culture, strategy, project management and tools to High Growth SMEs as a way of managing growth and change in any business sector and environment.

In software development agile is used to manage scope creep and similarly, in high growth businesses their growth is their scope creep.  HG businesses need to manage this scope creep effectively in order to continue to manage its impact on the business and its people

The session includes case studies from established geology, film production and PR businesses, an innovative fashion start up and software business that are using agile more widely at a strategic level of their business.

Video Interview : Belinda Waldock : Agile Innovation in Cornwall

Agile on the Beach is a two day conference on the Cornish coast with a beach party in between, perfect to evoke creative and technical thinking, enjoy time with the UKs leading thinkers in agile adoption and evolution.

Agile on the Beach is a leading annual conference in Falmouth, Cornwall. Exploring the latest agile and lean thinking in software craftmanship, teams and business. Including ample networking opportunities such as the beach party this conference brings together 300 people to explore, evolve and find out what it means to be truely agile in business, from its culture to product development practices

Software Craftsmanship: For the professionals, there’s plenty of technical innovations on offer. Software developers will be guided through the latest techniques, for two days Cornwall will be the epicentre of global Agile technology.

Teams: The Agile approach is not just about the business of software. It’s about the business of your approach. The conference will ask managers, directors, or indeed anyone leading a team to re-assess the way they work. Learn about high performing and innovative teams and find out what they do differently and how to create and manage your own. Agile on the Beach is the perfect environment to take some time to re-design the approach you take to your team.

Business: The business stream will explore how a business can adopt agile beyond software development and its impact on wider business activities. Including the latest models for product development and agile marketing.

Cornish Agile Business Models in The Times

Business Agility Model

Business Agility Model

Delighted to see Cornish adoption of agile featured in the Raconteur Supplement in the times (14/10/2014).

I am especially delighted that the Business Agility model developed in Cornwall through the Agile Innovation project has been featured in The Times Raconteur The Agile Business supplement as part of their infographic for the agile methodology for business :

Agile on the Beach and Head Forwards Case study

Working together towards shared aims includes speaker sessions from the conference and insights from Head forwards a Cornish based high growth business.

Agile on the Beach Agile Innovation – Business Agility video session

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Agile Meetup – 29th September

Agile Developments

Monday, September 29, 2014    6:30 PM

Beach Road, Porthtowan (map)

The Agile movement in Cornwall has grown in the past few years as businesses and developers discover the benefits of bringing agility into their working environments. The advantages are not just limited to software but offer significant steps forward for projects, teams as well as helping organisations improve their operations. This meeting will bring interesting insights into Agile from both small and large business perspectives.We have 3 speakers who will talk for 10-15 minutes each with questions afterwards.
Kate Hughes – Director of Programme Management at Skype – will be sharing some of her experiences of using Agile within Skype and Microsoft. Kate has worked for Microsoft during the past 20 years in a number of divisions and has seen how Agile can really work in a number of different ways.
Belinda Waldock – Oxford Innovation Coach – will be explaining how a number of Cornish businesses have benefited through using Agile with some examples from both with IT and outside the sector.
Toby Parkins – founder of UKNetWeb, Headforwards and Agile on the Beach – will talk about some “real” IT project failures and how Agile can help people make the difference to avoid everything going wrong.

The evening will be in the Boardroom at the Blue Bar and there will be some pizza coming out at some point during the evening.

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